Zoology and Wildlife Biology
Zoology and wildlife biology are very important for all wildlife. They help research things about lots of different animals. And teach others about what they know.
What Zoology Is
Zoologist are people who study animals habits such as; the way they sleep, eat, and socialize. These people are very important for animals that are sick, because they study diseases and find cures for them. They are also known as “animal biologist” for the research that they do for the animals. They mainly do research rather than actually being with the animals. Many of them are actually employed by colleges and universities, so they can engage and teach the students about what they do for the animals. Some zoologist only research parts of an animal or organism, but others will focus on the entirety of the organism.
The salary. Zoologist are in as much demand as most jobs, but because of most budget restraints they don’t have as many opportunities as they could. Depending on the state, zoologist average annual salary is 59,680 dollars. In the top ten percentile they can make roughly 99,700 dollars annually. While the bottom ten percentile will make an average of 39,620 dollars per year.
What Wildlife Biology Is
Wildlife biologist are scientist that study animals in there ecosystems and their habits. These people usually focus on what the animal does for their ecosystem, or how it helps its habitat. Wildlife biologist also study how certain animals react with humans or other animals. They will sometimes even conduct experiments on some species to get their information. Unlike zoologist, wildlife biologist spend most of their work hours in the field, traveling, and being in the outdoors. Regardless of being able to travel, most wildlife biologist have reported loneliness and physical exertion are the top hazards for this job.
Wildlife biologist salary. The average salary is about 63,230 dollars per year. In the top ten percentile they can earn 96,720 dollars annually. However the lowest ten percentile can be 38,080 dollars.Wildlife biology has the same demand rate as zoology but also because of the financing issues it can be hard to find a job in this field.
How Zoology and Wildlife Biology Are Connected
Zoology and wildlife biology are clearly connected in lots of ways. Although they have differences, they are more recognized as the same job. They do pay differently, nevertheless they do have the same demand rates and financing issues. They both also study animals and the way they live. Additionally both teach others about what they do, and about the animals they study.
Zoology and wildlife biology are very simmilar, they both study animals and have relitivley the same salary.


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