Yes one can infer the movement from a torque or EMG record alone because the magnitude of the torque and EMG signals are similar across all the frequency range (Kelleher & Marino & Stone & Vaughn & Owens, 2014). Above the human movement frequencies, the magnitude of torque is less than EMG hence indicating a lower noise levels.
Question 3. (5 Points)
It is accurate to compare a specific muscle’s EMG amplitude to itself within a given movement because the EMG amplitude is the sum of the electric potential differences within a muscle that relates to all the active motor units that are within the vicinity of the electrodes on the skin. An EMG amplitude can therefore be taken as a global measure of motor unit activity during the muscle action being performed (Kelleher ; Marino ; Stone ; Vaughn ; Owens, 2014). When the EMG amplitude and muscle actions are performed without fatigue, the EMG amplitude can be very useful window into the tension in a muscle hence providing an accurate comparison exercise

Part III. Applied Mechanics
1. The diver who will perform at the pike position will have the highest degree of difficulty because when one is performing a forward dive in a pike position there is simulation of diverse technique variations that decelerate the rotation about the somersault axis. Pike position offer a different amounts of gain and loss in somersault rotation where there is no account for additional somersault rotation (Burkett, 2018).
2. A) Center of mass refers to a distribution of mass in a space and at a unique point where there is weighted relative position of the distributed mass summing to zero.
B) The vertical plane shall be considered to increase in order to determine the horizontal force which is vertical projection of the curved surface which is generally a rectangle.

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