Cyanobacteria are the oldest known fossils, dating back
3.5 million years ago. (Lesley D’Anglada,
2016) And in today’s
society, with the environmental problems become more and more significant, the
attention to this ancient bacterial should bring up to public tension. Although
cyanobacteria have largely reduced by some efficient physical removal, chemical
procedures or even most commonly biological inactivation, some large lakes in
the world, such as the Crater Lake, Upper Klamath Lake and mostly Lake
Champlain, still suffered by the cyanobacteria blooms.


For instance, Lake Champlain, the largest freshwater lake
in Japan, is one of the most severely contaminated lake by cyanobacteria. Each
year, Japanese government costs millions of dollars to deal with this
environmental problem. The main reason for this severe cyanobacterium bloom is
that most cyanobacteria naturally occur in lake and will exist for millions of
years. Since cyanobacteria blooms tends to occur in warm and shallow water and
wind is another driving force to accumulate cyanobacteria blooms along
shorelines, the exposure of this lake to sun light and wind cause a huge
acumination of cyanobacteria blooms in this lake. Because of this cyanobacteria
blooms, the whole lake gets polluted and poisoned.

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The cause and consequence of cyanobacteria bloom
is severe and better understanding some solution of how to handle it is
extremely significant for us. The purpose of this research paper is to not only
inform the readers the most effective solutions being used to deal with current
cyanobacteria bloom, but to also encourage more research and development in
this area. In this paper, I will first give a brief overview of current
situation, then explain how cyanobacteria deplete oxygen in most lakes and
produce toxins, introduce both physical removal and chemical procedures as two
of the most efficient solutions and conclude the future efforts we could make
to better knowledge this problem. 


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