Wunderlist App
In the year 2009, Christian Reber used a social networking site XING (a European site where professionals can build a small network to develop their career) where he proposed people to be his business partners and form a new to-do app. A person named Frank Thelen responded to him and this is how Wunderlist App came into existence. On June 1, 2015, when the company had over 13 million users, it was acquired my Microsoft, for between US $100million and US$200million. As of March 2017, it was announced by Microsoft that the wunderlist app will be replaced by an app called to-do. It was a new platform which was developed by Wunderlist team although; it had the similar feature with that of wunderlist. However, till date wunderlist has not yet been replaced by to-do.
Frank Thelen and some other investors contributed 1,00,000 Euro in 6Wunderkinder in its initial stage. In the year 2010, a firm named High- Tech Grunderfonds invested approximately US$660,000 in the wunderlist company. An undisclosed amount was also invested in the company by T-Venture. In the year 2011, during its first round of venture capital financing, an international technology investment firm named Atomico invested about $4.2million in this startup. However, in the year 2012, High-Tech Grunderfonds sold its shares in 6Wunderkinder to Earlybird venture Capital. In its second round of venture capital financing in November 2013, the company raised $19Million.
Wunderlist can be downloaded in almost all the devices like Windows7 and 8 computers, Mac Books, Android Phones and Tablets, ios, chrome book etc. infact, since 2015 wunderlist is available on Apple watch devices as well. Wunderlist helps its users in creating a list of their tasks on their devices.
A user can make a list of due dates, reminders, comments, subtasks, files and notes to tasks etc. this app also has a feature of ‘Mail to wunderlist’ under which it enables the user to send or forward an E-mail to [email protected] so that the users can add their task into their accounts. The list of tasks can also be shared with other wunderlist users. The web content can also be added to wunderlist from chrome, firefox, safari, ios and Android with its feature of ‘Add to Wunderlist’. When a user need to priopritize some important things, than he can use hashtags for example the user can add #1, #2, #high etc. Wunderlist also allows its users to restore a list which was deleted intentionally or unintentionally. The deleted list is safe in the app for 30 days. All a user need to do is open wunderlist.com/restore. Certain special features are provided to Wunderlist pro users.

What makes Wunderlist different from its competitors?
Wunderlist has a feature of exporting the notes to the JSON (Javascript Object Notation) file format but it cannot save the notes as PDF or HTML. However, the notes can be printed to PDF from the web app of wunderlist by using a virtual PDF printer or ‘Save as PDF’ feature of Google Chrome. Wunderlist is available in English as well as 34 other languages.

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Comparison Between Wunderlist, Project Drive and Wrike Specimen Wunderlist Project Drive Wrike Pricing
$25 Free
Pricing Model Monthly payment Monthly payment/annual subscription/quote-based Annual subscription and quote-based
Vendor email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Supported Windows, Linux, Android, iphone/ipad, Mac, windows Mobile, Web-Based Windows, Mac Windows, Linex, Android, iphone/ipad, Mac, Web-Based
Types of Customers Small Business| Medium Business| Freelancers Small Business| large Enterprises| Medium business Small Business| large Enterprises| Medium business
Quick Links https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/wunderlist/https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/project-drive/https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/wrike/Awards
Wunderlist for mac got the App of the Year felicitation in the year 2013. Also, it was selected as a top developer by google play in 2013. In 2014, it got ‘Google play editor’s choice Award’ and was also named as apple’s best app of 2014. Wunderlist achieved more than 10 million users this year.


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