Written test for English 05.09.2018
Banksy is an anonymous person who is creating different kinds of political paintings. He is considered a vandal for some, and an artist towards others. Although I assume that quite some people would consider him a policial activist. Not everyone likes what he does, mostly because it is illegal or untraditional. His paintings are placed at several different places, so that most people will not know where or when he is at a time. Banksy grew up in Bristol, in England. Whether his paintings are considered art or not, is a controversial topic.
Firstly I am going to discuss one of Banksy´s paintings. I chose to talk about this certain picture because in my view is a way to critizice, not only policians, but also the society as a whole. The painting has an clear and efficient head line which says: «If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth». Over the words «the truth», Barksy has decided to put «politics» and a boy who is painting it unto the wall. In my opinion it looks like he is using it as a literary- and a visual tecnique. I most of all think so because it is clearly saying something about his thoughts on the topic, but it is still done in a more descrete way than if it would say it straight forward. I think Banksy´s message with this painting is to clarify and accentuate how many different policians are lying quite a lot.
In general I am personally not pro towards vandalism, but I think that when the damage is already done, and the paintings are placed, that the people living near the vandalized place should get to decide whether the paintings are going to stay there or be removed. In my opinion it is best if those people who have to look at it everyday, will get to decide over the paintings.
I think that what makes his pieces so popular is because he does not fear to critizice how the society works. Also, he freely shows his opinions about disputed topics, which some others would fear to. In some of his paintings he has chosen to critizice sides of the society, or even people in specific positions of the society, over beliefs or subjects that others agree upon. Last, but not least, I want to precice that I think that some people like creativity and thinking out of the box, which some might think about Barksy. No matter if you like his art or not, it is a creative and special way to show a political message. Such a creative way of showing his message, I think it catches peoples eyes and makes them try to see his message.
My conclusion is that I think that because so many people really likes his paintings, that he should have made deals with the government about which places he can use to paint on. I think so because I think that people should be able to continue to admire his paintings, but in a legal way where he get certain places to paint on. Maybe that can result in more people appreciating his work instead of looking at it as vandalism.


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