Would you consider someone a hero who betrayed his country by killing the future ruler just because he had a bad feeling about him, or would you consider a hero someone who stood for their country and its laws and tried to avenge their best friends death? In the play Julius Caesar by Williams Shakespeare Caesar is killed by a group of conspirators, the main conspirators being Brutus and Cassius. After the conspirators murdered Caesar, it shook and frightened everyone in Rome, and forced them to choose a side; that the conspirators acts were justifiable and they should be forgiven, or that they were corrupt and should be brought to justice by Caesar’s best friend Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony). In this essay I will attempt to persuade you to believe Antony is the hero of the play.
Antony had many heroic attributes, from being a bold soldier, being brilliantly persuasive, and being an impeccable strategist. His persuasion is seen when in a speech after Caesar’s death he persuades all of Rome to realize that Caesar was not a bad person, and that the conspirators should be brought to justice. In Antony’s speech, he speaks sarcastically about how Brutus is an “honorable man”, which then showed the crowd that Antony was also honorable and could be believed. Brutus had said in his defense that Caesar was too ambitious, but in Antony’s speech he kept posing the question “was Caesar really ambitious?” Part of Antony’s speech was “The noble Brutus hath told you Caesar was ambitious: if it were so, it was a grievous fault, and grievously hath Caesar answer’d it” (Act III scene II). Which is an example of Antony saying Brutus was wrong about Caesar.
Another thing that qualifies Antony to be the hero of the story is the fact that he served as a selfless brave general for the Roman army. Another character, who was also loyal to caesar, was Octavius, and thought himself as a greater leader than Antony, but he really wasn’t. Anthony had much more experience than Octavius did, because Anthony was a soldier so he would more than likely know more about leading an army than Octavius would.
In Act IV, Antony says ” these many then shall die; their names are prick’d.” When he says this he means business, because his best friend was just killed and he wasn’t going to stop for anyone to avenge Caesar’s death. When he said this, it meant they were making a list of people they must kill to avenge Caesar. On this list, Brutus would have probably been number one, and Cassius number two.
Some people may think of Brutus as the hero of the play, which could be true in a sense, but when you really look at everything, it is clear he could not be considered the true hero. Probably the most clear reason Brutus could not be seen as the hero is because he partook in the murder of Caesar. Some readers may have been against Caesar like Brutus was, but in the end Brutus was against Caesar because he thought Caesar was going to ruin Rome or cause it to fall, not because he had any proof Caesar had or would do anything wrong. all he had was a feeling.
Another reason some might think of Brutus as the hero is because of his nobility. Brutus saw that Caesar could end up with too much power, and all he wanted was to prevent Caesar from taking over Rome and turning everyone into one of his slave, and that’s why he thought his motifs were pure. But you cannot treat feeling as a fact, and that is exactly what Brutus did, which therefore makes him a murderer.
Although all these reasons seem fairly reasonable, Brutus’s wrongs out did his rights. Brutus is not a true hero. Some people may think of it as a noble thing for Brutus to kill Caesar just because he thought he’d attain too much power. Such as in act II scene I, Brutus was saying ” think of him as a Serpent’s egg, which hatched would, as his kind, grow mischievous.” he then goes on to say it is best to kill the serpent in the shell, which means they wanted to kill him before he became dangerous. This is what Brutus assumed would happen once Caesar had too much power, but once again you can’t assume that things are factual just because you have nasty feeling about it. Cesar could have made a great leader, but Brutus never gave him a chance. It’s probably more Cassius’s fault because he was the one who started the conspiracy, but the fact that Brutus willingly joined the conspiracy against one of his good friends, Julius Caesar, shows that he himself is not only disloyal, but also as mischievous as a serpent.
Therefore, Anthony is the hero of the play. He played a great role of leading his army in defeating Brutus and Cassius’s army, while also bringing justice to Caesar’s name. Antony also proves himself as respectful and honorable when after Brutus has died he compliments him even after all the things Brutus has done, Antony named him the “Noblest Roman.” He said this because Brutus was unlike the other Romans, he wasn’t concerned for himself, he was concerned for Rome.
So, because Anthony stood up and took the lead after his friend Caesar was brutally assassinated, and brought justice to Caesar’s name, and many many more things, he is truthfully the hero of the play. Rome fell the day Caesar was killed, but Anthony helped Rome recover from the destruction after he justified Caesar’s death. With all this being said, I think it is quite obvious that Antony is the story’s truest hero!


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