With the rapid development of the internet, many companies have tried to develop their online market via websites, social media and apps. According to their website, Waddesdon Manor (2018) is a historical building around 200 years in UK, managed by Rothschild Foundation. The Rothschild Foundation points out that Waddesdon Manor has a collection of more than 15,000 French art items from the18th-century, and also has a public exhibition hall. The Rothschild Foundation has also been expanding their offering advertises Waddesdon Manor as an unique place to hold a wedding or special event. Waddesdon Manor also sells works of art on the website. Given this “route to market”, it is possible for Waddesdon Manor’s online presence could provide an additional channel to customers.

This report analyses how Waddesdon Manor’s website provides an opportunity to advertise themselves to potential clients. Using the AIDA model, this report will explain how to attract more customers and retain them at different stages. A definition of the AIDA model will first be given and explained. Then, the AIDA model will be used to evaluate Waddesdon Manor’s website related to wedding hire and show the advantages and disadvantage of using the AIDA model. Finally, an evaluation of the website will be given and suggestions for any improvements made.

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2. Outline of AIDA theory
“The AIDA model (Awareness, Information, Desire and Action) and similar hierarchy of effects model have been used to explain the different stages consumers follow when purchasing a new product.” Warc Exclusive (2010) states that when the company provides a new product or new ideas for the market, using AIDA model helps markets to understand what customers’ needs are.

There are various definitions of attention. Cronin, (2012), regards attention as “A platform is an excellent way to attract attention: good or unique design by itself will get noticed.” Companies could use special design components on the website which could attract the focus of customers and make the customers continue to search for more information from the website.

For interest, companies could present the benefits and strengths of the product clearly on the website. It facilitates the user to identify with it on a closer level.

Referring to Cronin, (2012), he points out the definition of desire which is “…businesses employ whole marketing divisions to create elaborate and engaging campaigns in order to accomplish this.” It means that companies could present more specific information success are pictures, video or text.

According to Cronin, (2012), the meaning of action is “The ultimate goal for a landing page is to convert someone to a buyer or a subscribe and the last thing we would want is to final at this final stage.” It means that companies could use some eye-catching button labeller such as “Buy Now” or “Sale Now” to attract their attention.

3. The strengths and weakness of the AIDA theory
There are strengths and weaknesses in the AIDA theory. As broad as their function and benefit are, there are several similarity between the old AIDA model and new AIDA model. For instance, both of the AIDA models show four levels which are awareness, interest, desire and action. These four levels could attract and keep the customers buying the product of the companies.

For the AIDA model of 1898, Warc Exclusive (2010), it shows that how people are affected by advertising and it is a useful model for the marketers. Unfortunately, this “funnel” model is too simple. St. Elmo Lewis (1898), points out that customers focus on their primitive emotions such as active phase depend on the famous brands and the emerging requirements.

The new AIDA model was developed because the old model is too simple. Warc Exclusive (2010), by way of illustration, the AIDA model of 1911 is a more comprehensive model with more complex variables. It also uses the “decision vortex” to replace the old AIDA model. The new model included large complex systems which model the human brain. Therefore, the companies can discover more about the customer needs and sell more products. It can also improve the relationship between the consumers and the brands.

4. Evaluation of Waddesdon Manor Website’s wedding hire section
Using the AIDA model with the company website, it could become more attractive and more appealing for the customers. It could cater more for the customers’ requirement and wants.

4.1 Attention
On the online resource, companies can use different graphics, pictures and photos, fonts, color and powerful copy to attract the users’ attention. After grabbing the reader’s attention, it could prompt them to keep looking at the website.
Referring to the Waddesdon Manor website, it uses fonts which encourage users read the contents and click on the hyperlinks to read more information. For example, to encourage people to hire Waddesdon Manor for wedding, the headline of the content, “Waddesdon Manor is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding day” and title “Weddings at Waddesdon”. There is also a colourful photo of a couple who are in front of the Waddesdon Manor surrounding by colourful flowers that can grab the user’s attention.

On the top of the website, it presents a menu clearly that include the title, venues and the contact. When customer click on the menu, it shows the different venues for wedding hire such as “Five Arrows Hotel”, “Wedding Manor” and “The Diary”. There are some pictures about the venues that provides different choices for the customers.

4.2 Interest
“Once the prospective customers are there, the companies can entice them with plenty of information and inspiration in an interactive way.” (Vaxjo Sweden, 2005, pp.66-69) After grabbing the users’ attention, the companies have few opportunities to get the users’ interest. It needs to show the best prices, details and offers. For instance, the Waddesdon Manor shows the dates and the special wedding offers and it emphasises the number of guests in each venue. The information focuses on the customer needs easily.

4.3 Desire
“The ample possibilities for publishing elaborate material and interactive options on the internet give companies plenty of opportunities to raise the desire of prospective customers.” (Vaxjo Sweden, 2005, pp.66-69) Regarding the Waddesdon Manor Website, it shows a video and gallery about the wedding venues. It presents different lifestyle. It could be an unforgettable experience. The website also provides a list of wedding requirements. It could make the readers understand what they need easily. It also highlights reviews which let the readers understand the advantages and the disadvantages of wedding hire at Waddesdon Manor. It could improve the persuasiveness of the marketing effort.

4.4 Action
Finally, the website shows the refund and change of order information, simple booking and the price of hire wedding and the location is clearly state. For example, Waddesdon Manor, (2018) which is easy to read. In other words, customers can book the wedding venue conveniently because the website shows a calendar for checking wedding availability. At the bottom of the website, it presents a map which shows the address and location. It also shows contact details such as e-mail and telephone numbers. Otherwise, Waddesdon Manor powerful words to grab the customers eye such as “a minimum of 60 guests”, “terms and conditions apply” and “book your wedding with us now”. Though all of this information, the customers could be prompted to take action and book the hotel or the venue for their wedding.

5. Conclusion and recommendation
This assessment has used the AIDA model to evaluate the Waddesdon Manor’s website. The assessment evaluated some overall advantages (using AIDA model for marketing), but also have some disadvantages. Firstly, the website does not use the pop-ups for the powerful calls to action such as “book now” and “sale”. Secondly, the site does not provide payment methods for wedding hire and does not show discounts or best prices for the customers. For these actions, Waddesdon Manor will lose the opportunities for customers shop online.

Based on the above findings, the following suggestions for the improvement have been made. Firstly, Waddesdon Manor needs to consider using pop-ups on its site, for example, when the customers log onto the website, there will be some pop up video or attractive copy which can let customers know about the venues and the discounts for wedding hire. Secondly, the site should provide an online payment method for example, Master, Visa, or Paypal. This method would be more convenient for customers. If the customers are interested in the products and services on offer, they could pay immediately. If the website used the above suggestions, Waddesdon Manor should see an increase in their online business.


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