William Golding ultimately uses the evil of human nature to signify the beast. When Simion is looking at the the pig’s head on the stick he starts to hallucinate that it’s talking to him. Eventually Simion passes out, and when he wakes “he turns upward, toward the top of the mountain, where the truth lies.” (Doc E). As Simion gets to the top of the mountain he sees what he thinks is the beast, so he stumbles down the mountain to tell the others that the beast is one of them. Once Simion gets to the bottom of the mountain he tries to tell the others about what he’s seen but they think that he is the beast and beat him to his death. This shows the evil of human nature because they didn’t listen to Simion and just assumed that he was the beast and they weren’t going to change their minds. Throughout Lord of the Flies, William Golding had demonstrated fear, war, and the savagery of human nature. Fear is one major motion that cause people to reveal their dark side.


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