Events management is all
about planning, coordinating and hosting events whether they are for the public
or private sector. The most important aspects of event planning is to know who
the event is for, who is the target market, 
what are the catering arrangements will they require, the venue of the
event and the programme of the event. At Silverclock Travel, I organized
conferences at the request of the client. Most of these events are conferences,
meetings, and training sessions. Travel consultants are tasked to suggest
venues after determining the number of attendees in order for us to know how
many refreshments to request from the provider.

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The most important success
factor for the development of a tourism product is to create a creative and effective
marketing strategy. This includes the 7p’s of tourism marketing namely;





Physical evidence



Silverclock Travel markets
their products to prospective clients and they deliver tourism products in the
most effective way. The marketing tools that are evident in the marketing plan
of Silverclock Travel are;

Word of mouth




Social Networks

Silverclock Travel does not
position themselves amongst the competitor by setting high prices; they
position themselves in the manner of service excellence and quality offerings.





Tourism development is
defined as the process of implementing strategies to develop tourism with the
objective to develop the tourism sector. Tourism development is concerned with
factors that contribute to the sustainability of a tourism product. Tourism
development assists with forecasting the future of a tourism product – hence at
Silverclock Travel a thorough investigation of feasibility and viability study
of the enterprise. At the agency, tourism development is used as a tool to
handle all aspects that are related to inbound and outbound tourism from
booking flights, accommodation, car hire, guided tours, shuttle services and
conferences. The agency caters for every prospective client such as corporate
clients, government, students, youth etc.


When one is on Work Integrated
Learning (WIL), when they are doing WIL in a travel agency, it is vital that
they know the popular destinations within the sphere of their practice, hence I
was able to know which destination to suggest to a client depending on the type
of tourist and the type of activities they want to engage in as well as keeping
them in their budget. For an example, for a couple going on a honeymoon, I suggest
to them destinations like Bali, Venice, Rome. Then, for adventurous tourists, I
suggest destinations like Mount Fuji and activities like paragliding, sky
diving etc. When I was in the work place, I informed and advised the clients of
the destinations they want to visit i.e., the documentation required, weather
and political stability.












I gained a lot of
experience during my period of WIL, I became a great holiday planner, excelled
in juggling calls, my communication skills developed enormously. I became more
internet savvy. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, I can rebook or
reschedule client booking to avoid clients being stranded in airports.


There are many challenges
that are faced by interns in the workplace. The challenges that I encountered
during my internship were;

Lack of resources i.e. stationary

Too much work

Working hours are longer than advertised

Small office space




I noticed that at
Silverclock Travel, there isn’t proper management as there is one person that
looks after every department. The agency should build concrete relations with
clients and staff. The manager must look for bigger premises. Supply of
inventory should be done on a monthly basis or immediately once requested.
Interns should not be overloaded with work.









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