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Historically the nation’s armed forces have consisted of males since the founding our nation’s military. I believe the reason why sexual assault cases have increased dramatically, was due to the opening of combat arms military occupation specialties to females. Although I believe it projects gender equality in the U.S. military and there is nothing wrong with the idea, branches like Infantry has always comprised of male service members. Since 2013 when Secretary of Defense at the time, Leon Panetta removed the ban, which formally restricted women from serving in combat arms military occupation specialties. The drastic change altered the norms of combat military occupations which in certain degree is comparable to a college fraternity.
Looking back into history for instance, when our nation established the Continental Army to combat Great Brittan during the American Revolutionary War, our combat arms were men. With such a long history of a profession filled with predominantly males, which many generations of males have created a culture for combat occupations. For instance, a group of men typically horse play around and consistently use profanity which all can lead to a form of sexual assault, when a female enters the cultural norm.

Such drastic changes have possibly interweaved with those historic cultures that Combat Arms once had. With increasingly more women interested in joining combat profession in the military, the past generations of all male “fraternities” are conflicting more than ever. Furthermore, the introduction of females in platoons, companies, and all echelons of combat arms occupations, female to male ratios are odds against females which possibly contributes to increasing sexual assault cases in the Army.

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