~Who is Vincent van Gogh and what has he done in his life? Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853. He was a son of a Dutch minister and the eldest of his siblings and he was struggling financially throughout his entire life. Van Gogh has always been interested in art and it was a passion for him ever since he was young. Once he had turned of age, he had left his mother and father’s house to move with his cousin which was a directing Hague School artist and Van Gogh chose to personally learn under his wing. He has been to two schools throughout his life to learn how to be an artist, the two schools were the Royal Academy of fine arts and Willem II college. Van Gogh’s first goal was to master black and white, then learn to master colors. Soon he then focused on working on landscapes or rural paintings and finding a correct way render them properly. After he achieved his goal he ventured into the art of watercolors and oil paintings. His first winnings as an artist inspired him more and he wanted to further continue being an artist. Van Gogh had been inspired by Barbizon artists and it influenced him to have a rural style of art. Van Gogh’s art wasn’t very popular when he was alive, in fact he was not a well known person, and his art only became well known because of his death and from that point on his arts became famous after death. He died by a gunshot wound to the abdomen where he bled out and died. It had either been others that had killed him or he commited suicide, some reasons why he might of commited suicide was because of his mental illnesses and his financial issues. His life conditions often made him depressed, in some paintings he used warm, saturated colors as relief. He even states “I am rather uneasy in my mind… because my life has not been calm enough”


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