While many times it is not about the grades and getting into college it is all the other aspects including financial issues, level of independence and whether or not a major is already determined. Community College and four year Universities both have great purposes but are meant for different people. If a person has a goal such as to be a doctor then pursue medical school, or if they have received grants and scholarships that could cover the cost of four year schools then go for it. But what if that person is not mentally prepared to leave home or has no idea what they would like to pursue in four years then community college would be a much better choice.
The education that community college provides is different from that of a university. While many people believe that university is better “Community Colleges tend toward fewer students per class, which means more student/teacher interaction. This is good for students who like access to their instructors so they can ask questions and avoid getting lost”1. Sometimes fewer student to teacher ratio means a better education and a deeper learning. It also means more recognition per student and individual teaching while at Universities their is much less one on one time. On the other hand Community College cannot provide students with the same degrees that Universities can, “most general ed. coursework that a university requires of its freshmen and sophomores can be taken at a community college.At a university you can be educated to within an inch of your life: they offer Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Doctorates”2. Therefore Community College and University give different types of education, in Universities you can go much further in the career world but in Community College you do not have to be as independent and can receive more help.


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