When individuals adapt their identities to the society they are in, they tend to lose a piece of who they truly are. Within the novel the Reluctant Fundamentalist written by Mohsin Hamid, portrays the journey of a Pakistani man who is trying to achieve the American dream. Along the way he has amazing offers at Underwood Samson and went to an ivy league school and soon after met a ” stunningly reagle…” (hamid 17) girl, Erica. .as he tries to achieve his idea of the American dream he finds himself losing himself. Chanzes is no longer accepted as a person but rather as a terrorist if he does not look or act like the typical New Yorker because of the plane hijacking of 9/11.

Changez (change) the main character moves from his home town in Pakistan to New York to study at Princeton university. After completing his studies at Princeton university Changez is offered numerous job offers to work for so some of the best companies in America, Changez decides to settle for a once in a lifetime position at Underwood Samson (Uncle Sam). The time he spent at Underwood samson he “did not think of myself as pakistani, but as an Underwood trainee,…” (hamid 34) .This quote here represents how Changez felt when he arrived to new york because he was no longer a pakistani man he felt as if he were a new yorker.

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