When a versatile moves into a distinctive cell whereas a discussion is in advance , the MSC consequently exchanges the call to a unused channel having a place to the modern base station .This handoff operation not as it were includes distinguishing a modern base station , but too requires that the voice and control signals be apportioned to channels related with the unused base station .
Figure appears a handoff circumstance , for figure a , the handoff isn’t did and the flag drops underneath the least satisfactory level to keep the channel dynamic . Figure b appears the correct handoff circumstance.

T he recurrence division numerous get to is based on recurrence division multiplexing which appears distinctive recurrence groups to distinctive information streams . In FDMA , the information streams are distributed to distinctive hubs or gadgets . Device transfer speed of f into n channel so each transmission capacity f/n Hz Easy to execute , but unused sub channel go sit still . Need * watch groups* between channels to avoid obstructions . Used by conventional analog cell phone benefit , radio ,TV.
Each client can as it were be relegated 1 channel , in the event that not sufficient clients for the number of channels , the radio range is unused .FDMA utilized in narrowband frameworks .

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