What is MS 1500:2009?

This is a standardization procedure set by
the government of Malaysia to ensure that
a benchmark is set for halal food quality
system worldwide.

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The standardization ensures that the food
that is produced for human consumption
are compliant to the Shari ‘a Law.

The standard also ensures that Halal food
is separated from other food that do not
meet the Shari `a Law.
Relationship between MS
1500:2009 and SCM

The relationship begins in the process
management where mixture of halal foods and
non- halal foods is prohibited.

The other difference occurs where MS
1500:2009 accommodates for the proper
storage of halal foods which is set standard for

The law also ensures that each and every
player from the manufacturer, supplier, retailer
and the entire supply chain is inter- dependent
and that they are responsible to ensure that
standards set are met by each player as they
play a different role to the ultimate consumer.


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