What is a habit?
The concept of habit – means an action in which you do not think about what and how to do. In the beginning, in order to create a habit, a constant, deliberate repetition of one or another action is necessary. Next you can no longer hesitate to perform this function. For example, when you are learning to ride a bicycle, you are thinking about every single aspect of riding: balance, pedaling, steering wheel, turns, brakes and the like. When you have already mastered this skill, you drive at the expense of habit.

Useful and bad habits
Useful habits help us to achieve success, contribute to our development, growth. These habits are useful not only for an individual, but also for society. As for bad habits, then, of course, their action is exactly the opposite: they do not allow to develop their potential and harm society.

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How exactly do they harm? Well, if at a minimum, then from your bad habit of talking loudly or shouting into the phone handson interlocutors. And you will suffer from the fact that communication with you will try to minimize.

Let’s start with a list of useful habits that we should join.

Statistics show that people who get up early often become successful in their business. Of course, there are owls and larks, but to balance your daily routine , we nevertheless strongly recommend. Go to bed before midnight and get up at seven. On the first day you will notice how much longer the day and how much you are in time.
Morning exercise is the minimum of physical exercises that will definitely not hurt anyone. It is difficult, but incredibly useful, at least from the point of view of discipline, to force yourself to do exercises daily.
Learn all my life . If a person ceases to learn, to learn new things, he loses the meaning of life. Learn by heart daily for 10 foreign words, set a goal for the New Year to learn the basics of a language, the study of which you put off from year to year due to uselessness.
Cleaning . Accustom yourself to the daily 15-minute cleaning of your room / apartment. According to Feng Shui, and any other folk wisdom, trash in a person’s house means trash in the head. Put your house in order, and the confusion in your head will be significantly less.
Plan and do always more than planned . It is very difficult to keep all plans and desires in your head, a notebook will help you in this confusion. Write down important and urgent cases, cases that “do not burn,” as well as not urgent plans for the future. Follow the plan and cross out the points, but try every day to exceed your expectations.
Useful harmful?
It’s not always easy to draw a line between useful and harmful habits. There are, for example, bad habits, which, in principle, are useful. Confused?

They say to sleep for a long time is harmful, more than one study has been conducted on this topic. What is a lot and what is little is subjective. However, somnologists claim that the body itself knows how much it needs to sleep. Do not confuse laziness with the body’s need, but on weekends then, do without an alarm clock useful and bad habits- after all, it is very harmful to the nervous system.
Falling apart in armchairs – as it turned out, a healthy habit. To sit exactly, in a string, – the load on the spine, and fall on the back of a comfortable chair – relaxation of the spine. However, the lower back should not be rounded, put the cushion under your waist and relax on health.
Yawning – not culturally, there is no dispute. But health and culture do not always step in the foot. When a person yawns, he gets rid of emotional stress, gives the brain a rest, increasing its blood supply.


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