Website Migration Project
Michael Rodriguez
June 10, 2018
Strayer University
Prof. Robert HofkinExecutive Overview
This project will involve the movement of Tony’s Chips web site from an external solution to an upgraded internal solution. The movement will allow customers to obtain user access and once registered it will enabling them to place orders. Both job will be designated as separate tasks and will require individual team members for each. When hosting a website, the options can be endless. Consideration for the website will include software, hardware, and design architecture. This report will outline all task needed, a description of the process for each task, and finally a detailed outline of the hardware, and software selected for the project.
Hosting Solutions
In selecting how the website is hosted Tony’s Chips will have the option of implementing an external service. This selection will allow the companies external service to maintains their own servers and services. It is recommended using this method on a web sites not requiring a large amount of bandwidth, monitoring, and storage. This keeps the customization at a manageable level. Another option to consider is the server service option, this allows a company to have more control of their website. These servers occupy a large area, adequate cooling systems are required, and sophisticated fire control systems are needed. This service usually permits company with large server farms to lease out one or more the servers. Utilizing this service also requires high maintenance and is costly. This can be a problem for most companies. The option of utilizing a server farm service provides all the required extras without the additional cost.

Migrating the System
The following are the steps taken to Migrate the system:
1-Migrating the web site from an externally hosted service to an internal system is to get the infrastructure in place.

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2- Relocate all computers that will be used, install software servers needed for the computers, the network, wide area network connectivity, and firewall.
3- Upon completion of the first two steps ensure the external web site is replicated to the internal system.

4- Test the internal web site via the IP address
5- Update the DNS record for the web-site’s domain name
6- Propagate the DNS backbone on the internet.
While conducting the migration down time will be minimal or nonexistent. There will be a separation of traffic and directed toward both the internal site and external site. Expect data created and stored from previous user interaction during the transfer may not be located on the new site. To ensure that this data is recovered and transferred properly the old site must remain active for several day and checked daily to ensure the data transfers are taking place. If during this transaction period new data is located on the old site, ensure it is transferred as well. This will minimize downtime. Keep in mind, to keep downtime to a minimal additional staff is required to conduct monitoring and data transfer. This portion of the project can be categorized as : Physical Setup, Data Migration, Planning and Analysis, Code Replication, and Software Installation,
Gantt Chart:

As indicated in the above Gantt Chart, many of the tasks will occur during the migration process from the external service host to the internally host system. It should be noted that these tasks can happen concurrently. An example would be: web server installation and database server can take place at the same time.

System Software
The system software available for a web site is easily available and very common. The best design pattern for the software will and should revolve around the MySQL, Linux, PHP (LAMP), Apache, model. Linux provides the best security features and surpasses many of the features in Windows. The PHP, MySQL, are available for free and provide the same support as compared to the costly Windows or IIS. Linux and Apache are the preferred platforms for hosting websites, cost effective (FREE) and have a wide range of support available.

The architecture design for Tony’s chips will be based on a standard plan for small business that requires a need for redundancy. Based on this requirement there will be duo web servers, duo database server, and a site replication server. The system will feature a wide area network connectivity and static IP address controlled by an administrator assigning the IP address to the domain name in the site’s DNS entry. The use of a firewall is essential to the systems security as well as the use of a demilitarized zone (DMZ). The DMZ is a recognized area within the system that ensures public users can access the web servers. The installed firewall security will protect the database servers and replication server from public user access.
The replication server will control and ensure all data across all databases are as indicated in its name, replicated. This design is created to ensure if a single database fails there is always one database operational. To accomplish this task, there must be two databases running always. By doing so will not interfere with the program logic as long as it deals with two sets of data.
If a database fails, the duo database system can switch over to the database that is still running. Once the database failure is corrected and the system is fully operational, the data between the two servers will need to be reconciled. Because of the duo systems all web site users will not experience any interruption.
The same concept utilized for the dual database system will be implemented for the web servers. This dual redundancy system is designed to ensure when a web server failure occurs or if the system crashes. The dual design system will engage to ensure the system can withstand such an epic failure with minimum to no damage. This dual design ensures if one server crashes the second server can replace the other and resume all traffic.

Another role and benefit of the dual fault tolerance system is the ability of the system to continue functioning even when part of the system fails. The dual web server is part of this fault tolerance system and plays a vital role in load balancing. Load balancing can be conducted by splitting web site traffic between the two servers and can prevent the server from being over taxed as well.

System Architecture Diagram:

Web Site Update
“The requirement to update the web site to facilitate customer orders has been identified. This is a software engineering requirement that is fundamentally separate than the requirement to move from an external host to an internal host. The only major impact that this would have on the migration is in the case that the web site never used a database before this change. This has not been identified. However, even if that were the case, the previously described architecture assumes that a database will be used. Therefore, the architecture that is required for the addition of an ordering system is fully in place.” (ARMANO 2009)
“Now that such a system is in place, software engineers and programmers can begin the work of designing and implementing the new ordering system. It would not make sense to roll these processes in with the migration of the web site. Migration of a web site has enough potential pit falls and potential points of failure without adding in the variable of entirely new code. If this were to be done at the same time, a fault in the new ordering code could be mistaken for a fault that occurred with the migration, or vice versa.” (ARMANO 2009)
“The remainder of this document will review the ordering system functionality and required development effort for this new system.” (ARMANO 2009)Use Case:
Use Case Name: Bag of Chip Order
Summary: The customer desiring to purchasing a bag of chips will be able to access Tony’s Chips web site and order the desired chips.

Actors: Customer / users
Preconditions: The website is up and running.

Basic Course of Events: 1. Customer navigates to the Tony’s Chips Website
  2. Customer navigates to the chips that they are interested in within the web site
  3. Customer clicks on the ‘Add to Cart’ option
  4. Customer clicks on the ‘View Cart’ option
  5. Customer clicks on the ‘Checkout’ option
  6. Customer enters his shipping address
  7. Customer enters his billing address, if different from shipping address
  8. Customer enters billing information
  9. Customer clicks on the ‘Confirm or Send Order’ button
  10. Customer is provided with an electronic receipt
Postconditions: Each order is entered into the site’s database for completion
Use Case Diagram:

Example Interface:


Website Data
The following information is necessary for the database, products, customer information, and order type. The database will include the following tables:
Order Products
Software Development Gantt Chart:

Support Operations:
Hosting a web site internally can produce various downsides, such as the company being solely responsible for all required support vis receiving help from a third party dedicated to support. Support operations will require regular maintenance, web site support, regular database backups. In addition to maintenance, support operations will involve maintaining network cabling, monitoring server storage temperatures, the cleaning and dusting of server fan and vents.

Other area of support will involve security and vulnerability assessments and the safe guarding of customer information. In addition, the ordering system will require web site technical and customer support. This means an individual capable of providing the requested support must be available to addressing any problems of questions from customers.

Evaluation is an ongoing process and is detailed and documented in this web site plan. A successful migration is evaluated in a sequence of goals and expectations that are completed. First the existence and duration of any down time is taken into consideration. Next the web sites are evaluated on its responsiveness and up-time. Once theses measures are implemented, downtime should be in the zero range and up-time should achieve the 100% mark. Keep in mind although the redundancy and fault tolerance have added to migration plan, it is impossible to guarantee a 100% up-time mark.

Another area to evaluate is the functioning of the newly integrated ordering system. This can be determined by the success of functions for orders. Areas of consideration are as follows: are customers’ able to place orders as desired? Are items currently out of stock indicating such to prevent customer from placing orders on unavailable items? Dose the financial transaction process function properly when an order is placed?
In addition to the procedures for ordering merchandise, order numbers need to be evaluated to ensure accuracy. Assessing the conversion rate (number of visitors placing orders) of the web site is an additional area to assist in the evaluation process. A successful evaluation is achieving a high number of converted customers
If all steps are conducted as documented The Tony’s Chips web site will be successfully migrated to an internally hosted system. A system designed with a dual fault tolerance and multiple redundancy’s. Upon completion of all the required logistical process and necessary DNS entries are completely updated, the new system will include a modified ordering system allowing customer the capability to order chips. This migration architecture and design will be an effective and efficient system that will provide the company with a higher success rate.

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