We should help the homeless No homeless person deserves to be on the street. No one knows their story if they don’t ask. Some could have been very wealthy and lost their job, teenagers could have suffered abuse, or some could have been shunned from their family, but the fact is no one truly knows not unless we take an interest in these people. They are people after all, just like any other person who has a home. Who knows maybe you will be homeless, then what will you think of those other people that don’t help you? You were one of them, so what’s the difference? Will it only matter to you if it happens to you? We’ll let me tell you something that is wrong! I say that we should help our community. We need to help these hurt people. Because whether they or you like it or not they are hurting, maybe not physically or mentally, but they are hurting deep down inside. They want to fix their past and work towards the future, making it better. Well we can’t help what happened in the past, the past is the past, but we can help their future.
Why…Just…Why help them Why should we help them, what have they ever done for us. All they do is give the country a bad reputation. It’s not our fault that they became homeless so why should we drag ourselves it to their problems. If they are lazy enough to sit on the floor all day and not at least attempt to get a job then why should us hard working people who are struggling our selves help the people that cant be bothered to try and get off the streets.


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