We all have conflicts in our life and the biggest one is with ourselves and in this story the character faces conflicts with himself. It falls down many categories in faith to knowing who he really is as a person in society. Through the characters experience in the lifeboat made him learn that to survive you must make unwilling sacrifices and to live your life to the fullest and you must withstand all trials and sometimes in any way possible.

Pi suffers with not knowing who he really is in his religion throughout the book and he travels around the world to learn about all the religions. When the leaders demanded that Pi choose one of the faiths that he will serve for his life he blurts out, “I just want to love God,”. He was so confused about who he was at his point he went to a priest and him and his family find out that he not just being a Hindu, Christian, or Muslim but he was all three simultaneously. So at this point he is starting to really know who he is but on the other hand he is taking criticism from his family for worshiping three religions instead of just one. Besides the religion Pi also faced a problem were he gets thrown on a boat with a hyena, zebra, and a tiger and the chinese crewmen who throw him on the boat was hoping that the hyena would see Pi and have him as bait to clear out the lifeboat so they could have a safe ride but that wasn’t the case the hyena and doesn’t see him but Pi sees the hyena

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