In February 22, 1732, the United
States received their first president. George Washington was a commander in
chief of the Continental Army, as well as serving two terms as the U.S. president
from 1789 to 1797 “ Staff. “George Washington.”, A&E
Television Networks, 2009” When he took
office there were only eleven states that held four million people all
together, in that time there was no model for how the next president should
control the behavior for household or distant business. During his presidency
George Washington did not have an easy time, he needed to know how to act like
a president, the foundation workings of the presidency, and controlling an
argumentative cabinet.


become a president it comes with a lot of consequences and responsibility.
There was no model for the office, leaving Washington the big task of determining
how to act like a president. Everyone thought Washington would fail that job
which he can’t bring the whole test in the government to ruin. President
Washington was the new nation’s political fault-line and everyone’s eyes were
looking for the main indication of slippage. Also, America had recently
separated itself from its own monarchical past; many individuals expected that
the delicate new nation would presumably in the end fall over into what it had
known earlier: government.

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            Washington also
established the traditional workings of the presidency. In the new government,
every model could have a big affect. When the president arrived in the Senate
chamber, should the senators rise in respect to a superior or sit as before an
equal? “Challenges
George Washington Faced as America’s First President · George
Washington’s Mount Vernon.” George Washington’s Mount
Vernon. Web.


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