Washboard as is everyone’s dream. But getting a slim waist with the perfect abs is too much hard work. It is a myth. You don’t have to spend rigorous hours at the gym doing what not to get your washboard abs. All you have to do is maintain a proper and healthy diet, intake the right amount of proteins and do some routine exercises that are simple and least time consuming and Voila!!! you have a flat stomach in no time.
You want the perfect abs within less time? Lets jump right into the routine that you need to follow to get there:
? Diet: The food you eat reflects on your health and body. Always maintain a healthy balanced diet to stay fit. That does not mean that you need to load yourself with all the healthy foods. No! Do not overeat. You must always keep in check the amount of food you intake. Follow the 5 times a day routine. Eat 5 times a day
1. Breakfast
2. Brunch
3. Lunch
4. A Healthy Snack
5. Dinner
Ensure there is 2-3 hours gap after each meal. Avoid food items such as the ones that take too long for digestion, the ones loaded with sugar and junk foods. Remember to drink a minimum of 7-8 glasses of water. Have a gap of 2-3 hours between your dinner and sleep time.
? Posture: What does your posture have with your flat stomach? Everything! Every time you slouch when you are sitting or standing you are letting your muscle sag and loosen. So to keep your muscle fit you need to put that little extra effort of keeping your back straight throughout the day, everyday. So next time you slouch remember to immediately straighten up.

? Exercise Balls: Exercise Balls help us do exercises which help us tone our body and strengthen our muscles. These exercises are fun to do and not too strenuous. Turn on some music and you wouldn’t want to miss a day of these fun exercise routine.

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? Planks: Doing planks on a daily basis will get you results even faster than you anticipated. All you need is a yoga mat or a blanket. There are different kinds of planks like the side planks, plank hip dips etc. Initially, this may seem a little difficult but within few days you will manage to be an expert and of course have a strong and fit body

? Cardio Activities: Easiest way to gain a flat tummy is to lose all the excess fat. What better way to lose your calories than doing cardio activities. The best cardio exercise ever is ‘walking’. So include walking as much as you can in your schedule. Do not overstrain yourself with cardio exercises since too much is too bad.

? Have proper sleep: Sometimes you tend to gain overweight for a reason like not having enough sleep. So do not stay up late playing games or catching up on your late night series. Having enough sleep is a sign of a healthy and fit body.

? Stick to the Routine: Old habits are hard to forget and new habits are hard to follow. So no matter how lazy or busy you are, always ensure to do your regular habits as mentioned here. Do not let yourselves have a cheat day. Because one cheat day can land you in losing all the hard work you have put in so far.


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