Warren Buffett once said “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” (Warren Buffett Quotes). Stocks are very risky and can be very stressing to deal with. it is vitally important to understand the company you are buying a share of. These days many investors forget that when they buy a share they are actually buying a part of a business and not just a digital ticker code.The stock market should be thought of as a long-term savings vehicle. Investing in the stock market should not be taken lightly. By investing in high-quality U.S. companies, the investor in a company profits along with the company. Also, when the company makes money, the investor also does. There are many ways to invest in the stock market, but investing in mutual funds is probably the most appropriate way for the average person, without expertise in stock analysis, and a smarter way to make money. With that being said, I would invest in apple, amazon, and facebook for this project. I would buy apple because their performance over the past 3 years have been slowly rising (shown on the graph below). Then i would short facebook, facebook has been also been rising, they are regularly up and down, facebook owns around 50 well known companies. Lastly i would hold amazon, as you know amazon has been tremendously improving day by day, month by month. Theses 3 stocks have a huge impact on today’s market economy.


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