• Vodafone which has risen to be one of the largest telecom brand in the world, have approximately 65000 employees and 130 million customers. It carries out it’s operation in 31 countries. Vodafone India, despite facing has grown at an exponential rate. It has the strongest signal of its competitors.
• The company before coming to India, chose Piramal group as its Indian partner. Based in Mumbai, it has become 2nd largest in India after Airtel. The company which was started as a joint venture with Essar, went on to purchase Essar and increase its presence in India.

• Bharti Airtel started in 1995 and has grown to become largest Telecom service provider in India. The company provides its service to countries such as SriLanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, etc. Airtel’s presence spans over length and breadth of the country which includes each and every village. CDMA, GSM Technology customer base has passed 180 million mark. The company’s emphasis on constant innovation and adding network has attracted customers time and again

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• Reliance Jio with its tagline Jio ‘dhandhanadhan’ has been rocking the Indian Telecom sector ever since the commencement of its operation. The network runs in 22 sectors of the country covering 18000 cities and 2 lakh villages. From the start the company has maintained a good network connectivity offering VoLTE service (voice-over LTE)

• Bharti Airtel: With its ever-growing infrastructure it is able to serve a huge customer base and has attained the number 1 spot in Indian Telecom Industry.
• Vodafone: With its global presence and popularity, the telecom company has managed to penetrate the Indian market and now serves almost every region in the country.
• Reliance Jio: A new entry into the telecom sector, the company has captured a substantial share in the sector; thanks to improved network connectivity and new technology like JioFiber.
• The industry relies heavily on ‘Market Research’ as to “How many people are actually interested in the product/service in a region?” Market Research is nothing but getting to know taste and preference of the customer with regard to product/service.
Eg. When Vodafone entered the Japanese market, tried to introduce people to European phones. But the people were used to a different technology, which led to failure of Vodafone to reach the minds of the customer and therefore shows the importance of market research.
• Competitive advantage: A company having competitive advantage over others include first-movers advantage, quality products, better services, etc. Ex. Walmart slowly and steadily expanded into small urban villages and towns in United States.
• Time of Entering: It is finding the right time of entry which would make a huge difference, considering the fact that the company’s competitors aren’t in the location; which will ultimately amount to high profitability.
• Availability of resources: It simply refers to close proxity to the raw materials. The network must come under the developed infrastructure in the region.


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