Visual and digital evidence can often provide an accurate assessment of what took. We currently utilise body worn video during many of our simulated exercises to not only provide for the realism of the need for the officer to activate the device when attending at incidents but to ensure that the footage is properly secured at the conclusion of the incident. The use of such aids can also help with providing the student with good feedback about their actions or inactions.
In turn the use of vidual equipment can assist me as an assessor in my development and self evaluation which in turn then assists in the students development if they are currently assigned a development / action plan.
The visual or audio recording devices can also offer some protection to students and the assessor as they accurately record what is being said and in the case of video recorded devices what is actually done. This can protect in terms of grievances should they arise.
Very often a student will be unaware of a particular thing which they did or said during a simulation dependent of the incident they are dealing with i.e. aggressive interaction with a role actor and the subsequent physical restrain can often mean many decisions being made by the student at any one time and to be able to derief it after the event using the footage is extremely useful and aids to the learning of the individual.


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