Vincent MatulaCollege Essay
October 2016
English 12
“Never give up”
Ever since I was a child, I started watching hockey and eventually grew an eternal love for the sport. When I turned 6 years old, I started playing for the first time. Although I may not have been the best kid on the team, I made it my top priority to get better and learn from each game I played and watched. Considering no one on my first team wanted to be the goalie, I took charge and decided to take on the high responsibility. My parents bought me everything necessary to play, and my Dad eventually became my coach. He helped me along the way with his experience and knowledge of the game. For the first few years, all the teams I played for had trouble winning games. Sometimes we would go an entire season without winning a single game all season long. I wasn’t happy about this, but the experience inspired me to become and better player and teammate in the future.  Soon after, we finally started winning games. My teammates along with some spectators took notice of my drive to win and improve my skill as a goalie. My goal was to be the last line of defense that my teammates could rely on if a mistake was made. I didn’t want to be a complete let down to my team because I wanted to feel like I meant something and prove that I could help. Many mistakes took place during our games which ultimately put pressure on me to do well. Until this day, I am very hard on myself to play at the best of my ability and try to save the day for my team. If my teammates trust that I am able to help them, I know I am not only doing my job, but doing my job well. I’ve always wanted to show others that I am capable of holding up my end of the bargain and that I’m never willing to back down from any challenge presented to me.
“Many years later, the desire to win a championship was still growing. Each game was like adding fuel to the fire. With my experience and the great people I’ve played with, I wanted to continue and strive to be part of something special. After all the years of heartbreak and failure, I had a gut feeling that it was soon going to be our turn to finally win it all. This past summer, my teammates and I were given a chance to make it happen. My team was scoring plenty of goals and I had lots of confidence in myself which ultimately led us to the final game! The final game was what seemed like the longest thirty six minutes of any game I’ve ever played. After thirty six long minutes of playing in the biggest game of my life, we finally did it. Once the final horn sounded, I knew all of the hard work leading up to this moment had finally paid off. Lifting that trophy over my head was a lifelong goal that I finally achieved. I was so happy to share such a special moment with a great group of teammates and I’m looking forward to another season of hard work with them.


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