Version 1.0 _ Week 1 (5 Journal Papers from CSU Library)
Reference in APA format that will be in ‘Reference List’ PHAN,T., & MCNELL, S.G., ROBIN, B.R.(2016). Student patterns of engagement and course performance in a mooc. Computer and education, vol.95,pp.36-44. Retrieved from,contains,a%20better%20framework%20of%20MOOC%20for%20interaction%20between%20students%20and%20teachers&sortby=rank&offset=0

Citation that will be in the content PHAN,T., & MCNELL, S.G., ROBIN, B.R.(2016).
URL of the Reference Level of Journal (Q1, Q2, …Qn) Keywords in this Reference

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DOI: 10.1016/j.compedu.2015.11.015
Journal Level: Q1

Student pattern of engagement, course performance

The Name of the Current Solution (Technique/ Method/ Scheme/ Algorithm/ Model/ Tool/ Framework/ … etc ) The Goal (Objective) of this Solution & What is the Problem that need to be solved What are the components of it?

• Digital storytelling MOOC and intense tools for teaching and
• Learning: Web 2.0 tools.
Applied Area:
• Information sources,
• Student subject marks,
• Course survey. Problem: This study indicate that students who showed dynamic commitment in the MOOC tended to outperform different students who did not rehearse this quality

Goal: This paper provides details regarding the connections between students’ examples and thought processes of commitment and their earlier subject information with their course execution in the Digital Storytelling MOOC

• Self-Evaluation
• Time management
• Help seeking.
The Process (Mechanism) of this Work; The process steps of the Technique/system

Process Steps Advantage (Purpose of this step) Disadvantage (Limitation/Challenge)
1 Addressed students’ examples of cooperation in the DS MOOC Students who do active study attributes had a tendency to perform well in the DS MOOCs over the student who did not.
2 Students earlier subject information and their DS MOOC performance. Presents a solid measurable relationship with the course performance among the students.
3 Students’ example of participation In what ways students take an interest in this course

Validation Criteria (Measurement Criteria)

Dependent Variable Independent Variable
Students commitment In active engagement
Good knowledge
Professional advancement
Subject performance

Input and Output Critical Thinking: Feature of this work, and Why (Justify) Critical Thinking: Limitations of the research current solution, and Why (Justify)
Input (Data) Output (View)
Student participation Achieve abilities, ideas, and motivations
Ds MOOC has been developed and provides multiple techniques on different courses because of this student can get professional development certificate, get a good idea and knowledge this can helpful for student feature job. Limitations of current solution are decreasing student participation in the MOOC because of level of complexity and difficulty for time taking nature of MOOC assignment.
(Describe the research/current solution) Evaluation Criteria How this research/current solution is valuable for your project
This research current solution is student active engagement has been proposed to be a solid marker of MOOC quality and learner fulfillment. Dynamic connection between course performance and examples then intentions of commitment by certain group of students in MOOC
This research is very helpful for my project because of DS MOOC I will try to resolve student issue in MOOC including motives, subject knowledge and student partcipations.


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