Versatility to adapt and acclimatise to different environments, which enables the
effective performance of new tasks with minimum direction and supervision.
• Aptitude to execute and deliver tangible, measurable results that help the company
achieve its environmental geochemistry improvement objectives.
• Accurately assesses problems, effectively and efficiently arriving at optimal
solutions that resolve cause and effect.
• Well-developed ability to gather, analyse and interpret data and information from
multiple sources to inform decisions or recommendations.
• Possess well-developed written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills,
including the conflict resolution, negotiation, problem solving, and the ability to
communicate effectively as a member and leader of a team.
• Maximises the contribution of the team, encouraging ownership, providing
support and working effectively with others.
• Successfully prioritises own and /or team resources to meet required timing and
• Accurate completion of all tasks, regardless of size ensuring relevant processes and
procedures have been applied to deliver quality work at all times.
• Passion in challenging the status quo and accomplishing positive change – possess
the fortitude to persevere and move forwards productively.
• Demonstrated leadership ability with a combination of focused determination and
excellent interpersonal skills in fostering teamwork and addressing challenges.
• Resourceful and highly adaptable to situations; translate skills into other tasks and
• Maintains consistent effort under pressure and is resilient to criticism or
setbacks at work; demonstrates high level of initiative, taking ownership for
projects and demonstrating self-sufficiency.


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