University has a great emphasis on society. Organisation plays a very important role both national and international level. University needs a substantially amount of energy for various functions that are carried out inside the university example. Research activities, teaching, conducting conference, workshop etc. There are many of the universities are the frontrunners in research, entertainment, and different activities then energy demand is further more consuming, these kinds of events eventually gives to pollution of carbon and it has a huge effect on environment.
As global warming is increasing because of greenhouse gas mainly carbon di oxide in the environment, Government has prepared polices and regulations that plans to decrease the release of carbon and shift towards depleted carbon economy for all the institutions as well as the organisations. As per 2008 climate change act UK’S the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has to be reduce at least to 80% by 2050 compared to baseline (1), further this act also aims to 2020 interim target of around 34% reduction in discharge of carbon. Higher Education Funding Council for England helps Higher education Institutions to implement goals (2) as a result university are demanded to set strategies and goals for direct and indirect emissions e.g. fossil fuels, emissions sources (from scope1 and scope 2 GHG corporate standard) by 2020 compared to 2005. Many universities like Demount forte university, Lancaster, York, are dedicated to reduce the carbon discharges try to overwhelm by shifting management strategies e.g. strategic approach, targeting, monitoring, reviewing, which delivers sustainable environment.

1.1 Organisation context.
University /corporate /organisation is recognised as an ecological sustainable through different ongoing activities takes place and their carbon emissions within the university. Implementing action plans and methodology to limit the carbon emissions and without interfering the university ranking is the measure of the sustainability. In this report university of Leicester is is taken as as an organisation.

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