Unethical managerial behavior and actions has a huge impacted on several areas concerning not only the company as a whole but also its stockholders who consist of:
– Employees
– Consumers
– Investors
– And partners ( Suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers)
– The company’s image and credibility.
This wrong doing form of business practice that displayed an unethical and immoral has its consequences. As an example, say a manger of a restaurant deiced to serve its customers that are dinning in a type of fish that the manger clams is a rare fish at a high price when infect it’s a store bought frozen cheap fish. This manager is there for is not only did he manipulate the restaurants consumers, but also is also encouraging dishonesty between employees. These bad habits, dishonesty, cheating, lying, will instead of placing respectable moral behaviors like honesty honor and faithfulness. His way proposal a different set of morals by show unprofessional behavior and no disrespect or fear of serious consequence that would ruined the company’s image. Likewise, this kind of behaviors are going to lower employee’s ethical and will risk the stockholders investment in the company as there is no trust. The whole result of such unethical behavior will surely cases a huge scandal damaging for the company’s image as well as losing the bond of trust between the company and its loyal consumer. In addition result, it will affect the company’s total earnings and perhaps even a financial disaster.


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