Understanding the both sides of people’s lives are quite complicated. It takes a lot of experience, courage, time and effort to be able just to deepen your knowledge in able to do so. Through the process, you will encountered lots of limitations and this “limitations” are the traps that keeps us from breaking our own shells is able to maximize our self.
We humans are highly adaptable in any kind of situations. One simple change makes our lives either livable or miserable. But this is why humans able to survive in the “wild” without any fangs. We do have this individuality to become unique in any possible way we could think of. This uniqueness either good or bad has a big role in the society today that balancing oppositions. For example, a school that has two sections, section one and section two. Even they’re close in number, there’s always a difference. In other conception, it could be “the strongest” and “the weakest”.
The sociological imagination, a power of the mind that makes us understand what we could do for ourselves, for others, for the country and for the whole world we’re living in. our daily lives depend on us, on what we think and what we’ll do. Many people expresses they insights in the studies of people and society. For example, karl marx, where he give us the clue to thortein veblen’s brilliant and ironic insight. Joseph Schumpeter, thoughts of reality when it basis to the psychological sweep


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