Twelve long weeks of basic training, is most of the time called the twelve weeks of hell? The first two weeks of training is getting your body and mind set for the next ten weeks. The next six weeks is combat training. In these close combat, combat water survival, rappelling, and weapons training. Week 9 is the Confidence Course. The last three weeks is Field training were you get to use all the training you have learned.
Week one the recruiter does a little training session with the recruits. First and second day completing the paperwork processing, and getting your pay setup to your debit so the future solder can get payed. Then you will get a haircut so you look the part. After that, you will get your gear setup. Next, you will receive a full medical and dental screening. The last day of week one you will be strength tested (IST).
Week 2, you will learn your new schedule. You will wake up at 04:50am, and get up at 04:55am. Next, you get dressed in your uniform. After that, you will make your bed. Then you shave, and brush your teeth. Then you move out to train.
Week 3, you will begin close combat skill training. The first part of your day is classes on first aid. The second part is core values what it mean to be a marine. The third part is a three-mile march with your military packs. The last part is the confidence course that you will need to complete that in 45 minutes. Week 4 includes more close combat training.
Week five combat water survival training. All marines must pass basic water survival skills in order to graduate from boot camp. Those who do not pass will receive extensive remedial training until they do pass. You will walk a five-mile hike. There will be a test on a marine customs and courtesies? Then you will train in first aid. Next, you will get full-blown inspection (uniforms, rifle, questions, ETC). Last part of the day you will more core Value training, week six you be learn how to rappel down walls and cliffs.
Week 7, is weapons training? You will learn how to fire a weapon in four positions that is called snap-in week. The positions standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone. The type of weapons are Grenades and other types of firearms. Training on how to fire weapons properly, And how to Adjusting the sight on the weapons. In addition, you learn how fire a weapon from long range. Then week eight you will started to use live rounds.
Week 9, you will be doing the confidence course. These parts include the (1) Dirty name (2) The run, Jump, and swing (3) The Inclining wall (4) The confidence climb (5) Monkey Bridge (6) The Toughone (7) Reverse climb (8) slide for life (9) The hand walk (10) The arm stretcher, and (11) The Sky Scraper. The entire platoon has to run all of these in 45 minutes.
Week Ten and eleven are for field training were you be put everything you have learned to the test. You will do team exercises on teamwork. As well as strategizing, quick thinking wile on the move, to get you ready for the presser. Moreover, you will learn how to set up a tint in the field and camouflage. Week 11 is the same as week ten so you will do the same things.
Week 12, you will graduate and celebrate with all of your comrades. That you now call family. During this training you will be different from when you first started week one, because you will be trained and have even more responsibility then you did, you are now a weapon no longer a regular person. You now serve the USA and no one else.
You have now learned everything about basic training. Most of why it has called the twelve weeks of hell. You now should know if you want to go enlist or not that is all up to you. If you want to go in then you are brave or stupid. If you do not that can be smart if you are scared of death.


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