Tressa Beatty
DCA Rough Draft
Professor Wilson
ENG 1301-052
11 September 2018
My Joining a Discourse Community
In the first couple weeks in ENGL 1301, we have discussed the importance of mastering rhetorical skills. The way we are mastering these rhetorical skills is by making appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos. Using these appeals allows writers and speakers to move their audience in such or such way depending on what they choose, like when trying to convince someone that the sky is purple and joining the spirit group on campus. Without these appeals there is no way to move any audience or join any community and throughout this paper I will provide detail as to how I have mastered the appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos and how I used them to join the discourse community of student government. It allows me to show you, my instructor, and you, my classmates that I have experience in joining a discourse community and it will help you get to know me better.

In a discourse community, members must have common knowledge and ways of thinking, as well as terminology for their knowledge and thinking. To be a good member of student government, I knew that I would need to learn this terminology to learn how to think and act like the other members by demonstrating the knowledge I have gathered. I used the appeal of logos to gain my position as Senator in the student government community. A way I used the logos appeal was when the student government had our senate training, all the new members received a binder with extensive information regarding the community and within the binder was old resolutions with blank spaces where our “Whereas” statements would go, as an activity we were grouped into teams of four to try and fill the spaces as needed.

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