In previous studies discussed organizations
use traditional methods and not a big issue because in environment less uncertainty
but now diversity and globalization totally change the environment of the
organizations and market. Transformational leadership is only the main factor
of increasing the organizations innovation because researcher discussed in
literature TFL is a key predictor of any organization and face the challenges
and diversity of the environment. But in current uncertainty and requirement of
the modern workplace, need transformation leadership style. So in this research
investigate the mediation role of employee commitment, and evaluate how much
beneficial and effective role play in transformational leadership and
organization innovating. These studies conducted through survey on employees
are working in different large organizations of the Pakistan. Descriptive,
Regression, moderation analysis, was performed. This study criticizes the
previous and traditional methods styles. Innovativeness positive impact to the
organization innovation. The findings of this study are valuable and confirmed
validity in Pakistan organization sector. Previous most studies are conducted
in western countries and that particular research conducted in Pakistan its
totally different environment due to getting fully different outcomes.

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Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Employee Commitment,
Organizational Innovation



Impact of
Transformational leadership on Organizational Innovation, Mediating role of
Employee Commitment

1. Introduction

In current days organization
innovation and transformational leadership is a hot topic and interest of the
most researchers, because both are helpful in getting competitive advantage (Bass 1990, Bass
and Avolio 1993). So that’s why organization is more
focus in innovations, for facing economical and environment uncertainty, and
other globalization is totally change the working style of the organization (Eisenbeiß and Boerner 2010); (Michaelis, Stegmaier et al. 2010); Gumusluog?lu and Ilsev, 2009.
Globalization enhances the competition, so those organizations are exist and
survive those follow the innovation Smith et al, 2004, (Kellermanns, Eddleston et al. 2008).

Innovation in sense of process,
idea, method, new product, technology, strategy all things are part of the
organization innovation (Eisenbeiß and Boerner 2010, Michaelis, Stegmaier et al. 2010). Literature suggests transformation
leadership style is a key predictor of the organization innovation. According
to researcher Transformational leadership style is best fit to face the
uncertainty of the environment. It’s empirically tested in Turkish
pharmaceutical industry, Taiwan information technology industry
transformational leadership is positive and enhances organization innovation (Michaels
et al 2010)


this study employee commitment playing as a mediate play role in between
transformational leadership and organization innovation (Jimenez-Jimenez, Sanz Valle et al. 2008). Literature clearly shows employee
commitment is more important aspect of all the organizations (Garcia-Morales, Matias-Reche et al. 2008). According to literature employee
commitment are divided in three parts first is trust building, fairness in
working, and concern employees (Bragg 2002). If organization wants to build
employee commitment (Coetzee 2005) defined, create environment where
employee feel in fairness in culture, motivate with trust, and caring. And
literature suggests transformational leadership is fulfilling all the criteria.
Transformation leadership positive with employee commitment (Boon 2006).


the issue is this in too much curiosity in environment it’s difficult to manage
and control the organization environment Damanpour 1991, Jimenez & Valle
(2008). When environment unstable in organization due to getting less employee
commitment, and when less employee commitment due to less organization
innovation McAdam and Keogh, 2004. So in this research try to fill the black
box how transformational leadership covers all the situation and  the sort out all the problems, related to
environment instability, and globalization, and in help of mentoring, couching,
and counseling to the employees enhance employee commitment, due to
organization getting innovation (Gumusluog?lu and Ilsev 2000).


In this era of globalization the corporate
world is facing tough market competition which also includes Pakistan. In order
to stay in the market, organization have to change their approach from
traditional market approach towards innovation and creativity, they must have
adaptive capability for sudden change in the market to adjust according to new
situation.(Ngo and Loi
2008). This study will help them that how
important it is for them to have resilient and creative manpower and to change
their organization trends toward requirement of innovation (Chan and Loui

study will also help them to understand the importance of transformation
leadership, which will help them in continuous or dynamic environment. This
research will also add value and make fruitful contribution in the literature
of organizational innovation by linking it with social sciences. The paper will
provide a conceptual model which will work as guiding torch and show how transformational
leadership directly and indirectly improves the innovation.


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