First of all do you want to sit at a traffic light I would because 1.25 million people get killed for running red lights. Why well  because we don’t have  enough traffic lights. So if there is not enough then everything goes downhill. No traffic lights can cause death/injury. They have systems that data real time. People go through red lights a lot to. For starters a bunch of people violate the traffic laws. And there is really no reason for that. When nobody is coming they go but then they cause an accident. The traffic lights are very reliable. And we should really add more. It will really help the population. As I said it will stop everyone from getting killed.Afterwards people can run into a lot of problems with traffic lights. According to Adam Lough red is stop yellow is slow and green is go remember that. They have systems that data real time. If there was no systems the traffic lights would stay red. And that could be very dangerous because everyone is going to start going without the traffic lights and cause a accident. It would not take a long time to get a new timing plan. They collect 4 and a half hours of time. They are ran by sensors to make sure everything is going fine. In addition of people running red lights they sometimes just don’t care about them. And that’s what keeps causing all of the deaths. Traffic lights are very reliable to me and can be to you. So this is why there should be more. So next time don’t go do it on green. And I would rather sit at a red light then most likely die running one. They update the system of the traffic lights easily.Evidence shows that 1.25 million die every two years. My opponents might say that it is to expensive. Yes but it will definitely put a turn around in the population. So most people don’t die. Because actually a ton of people die more than you think. So do something for the population and do not run them.Finally, Traffic lights should be on every street. Why well without them it can lead to a cause of death/injury. They have systems that data real time. People go through traffic lights often.


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