Traditional communication tools have their own benefits in the society as they reach to the maximum number of people who don’t have access to the modern communication tools. Does reach enables traditional communication tools to increase the overall availability of service provision but limit the Rapid expansion and Rapid delivery of different communication programs.
Social media tools have been very widely effective at the current scenario. Social media tools have provided proper structural support to different organizations by giving an option to target the specific audience as well as to communicate in a better way. This communication methods enabled an organization to spread their product range accordingly as well as to maintain high quality standard while rapidly transferring the data from one place to another place. Reach of modern communication tools such as a social media is only limited to the people who are connected to the internet. This type of social media tool is helpful in urban areas but impact of social media tools in the rural areas are not that effective.
For gathering the information about the specific incident, I would directly ask my manager. As my manager is not comfortable does not like reaching to other individuals in the counterpart, asking out information from other managers would not be appropriate as it could directly affect my job. If I am very sure about my relations with other managers and properly get an idea of requirement of the project, it would be appropriate to ask to the fellow managers. This type of approach would enable me to get more information for the project and to improve the ending of the project.
Communication over traditional mediums as well as going through the files of the organization would be the most appropriate way of gathering information. Using different communication tools such as private email to the manager with whom I have good relations would be an approach to get information regarding the same availability of information gathering tools.
This specific tools would help me to gain more information in very less time as electronically transmitted messages can be quickly delivered and does not affect the overall efficiency as well as productivity of the organization while keeping the confidentiality as the electronic methods are very secure and private.
For delivering the message I would use emailing method to send out information to the manager of other departments as well as my own department. Using digital communication tools would give me ability to encrypt my data which can only be accessed by the authorized personnel. This approach would enable me to protect myself from my manager even if the files are available, nobody else can access those files without my permission

The traditional communication tools are through narrating poems, stories, festivals, music, dance, drama, role-modeling, storytelling and enacting in street-plays etc. But social media tools are print media or visual media. Print media includes Newspapers, hoardings, Pamphlets or Brochures etc. and visual/audio media includes internet, TV, Radio etc. Both media have their own advantages and disadvantages. Social media tools are very interactive, flexible and feedback system is available which are not there with traditional communication. Even, social media tools can be customized, and their access costs are also low compared to traditional costs. In traditional communication, the format is fixed, and it covers very limited locations. Through social media, it is world-wide broadcasted. The social media requires a lot of resources like TV, laptops and uses mostly machines but traditional communication media uses manpower more than machines. The data security is a big challenge in social media which is least in traditional communication media.
When my department manager is highly political and does not provide detailed information about the upcoming project and is expecting to start the work with minimal information, then the first thing officially should be done is asking for clarification on the specification of the project. The manager does not like to interact much with individuals outside the department, so getting the right information is difficult. Officially if I contact with the managers of another department, my manager might feel bad, so taking care of all these things, I can gather information from the co-workers in the group. Again, asking details with full consent from trustworthy people is important. When I am working for the company, I cannot leave my tasks incomplete as this may have negative consequences for my company.
Extracting the required information can be done by exchanging some offers instead of help, making them understand the importance of your knowledge of the project, and lastly based on your social informal data. In this scenario, I would opt for informal communication in the traditional media i.e. having face to face meetings where things can be clarified. The reason behind this selection is clarity and in direct-communication mistakes are less.
In face to face interaction, the emotions, body language, and reactions are visible, doubts can be clarified, the expectations from the project is well-understood, the importance, timeliness of the project is understood. It also helps in building rapport, mutual understanding, and trust. It is more productive and efficient. It helps in persuading, conveying, and 100 percent engagement. It also shows that you value the other person much more, you care for them and pay complete attention to them. It also enhances credibility and in a private setting shields confidentiality. It helps you in holding no records in a personal face to face communication. In this digital age, maintaining relationships have faded, it could bring people together by sharing the feelings, perception and improving the sense of community. It also fosters innovation as some brainstorming sessions are obvious when we have a healthy discussion. Even, a sensitive issue like this scenario can be handled calmly.

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