Tory Engen
Mr. Janikula
CIS American History
September 30, 2018
Who Shot First?
The battles of Lexington and Concord were two of the first battles of the american revolution, and are very unstable topics of controversy. There is one question that historians have been working hundreds of years to figure out and still have no answer for it to this day, who shot first at Lexington? With proven evidence i have found, i have come to the conclusion that the British were the ones to take the first shot. From soldiers diaries there has been several written accounts stating that the british fired first, or that everything was happening so quick that they couldn’t come up with a proper answer. This being said it does not mean that they were the only ones firing, the Americans did end up firing later so it is still a controversial because there was no video or picture evidence and anyone can accuse another of anything. Many depositions after the war claimed that the british had shot first, two musket balls were said to graze the horse of Major pitcairn. Another account says that a private known as “Johnson” who is thought to be none other than Thomas Johnston. This is also controversial because there was a lot of bias throughout the newspaper; this was supposed to sway the british people for propaganda and the influence of the people. William munroe, a soldier during the battle on lexington, claimed that americans shot out the meeting house. He denies that this occurred before the british shot their first shots, but this proves that the americans did indeed fire during the battle on lexington.


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