Microsoft changed the way notifications are displayed with Windows 10. In Windows 10, if you get a notification message, it will be displayed in the form of Toast Notifications. If you are coming from the Windows 7 and Windows XP, you know that these versions of Windows showed notifications differently.The Windows XP and Windows 7 notification messages shown as balloon tips in the taskbar. However, the toast notification in Windows 10 looks more organised as they are part of modern UI of Windows.I personally like the way toast notification works in Windows 10. However, it is not necessary that everyone should like it.If you like the old school balloon tips notifications from the Windows 7 and want to have it on your Windows 10 PC instead of the toast notification, then this guide will help you.In this post, I am going to show you how to enable balloon tips notification in Windows 10. Also, if you want to disable the Windows 10 toast notification, this guide will help you with that as well.Note: To be able to enable balloon tips notifications in Windows 10, you need to edit your registry entries. Always, we recommend you to be extra careful while dealing with your registry entries in the registry editor. You may also want to read how to create restore point in Windows 10.Enable Balloon Tips Notification in Windows 10Note: You cannot have both the notifications styles in Windows 10 simultaneously. So, when we enable balloon tips notification in Windows 10, the toast notification will be automatically disabled.There are two methods to enable balloon tips notification in Windows 10. The first method is using the Group Policy Editor and the second method would require you to use the registry editor.Whichever method you chose to follow, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.Method 1: Enable Balloon Tips Notification using Registry EditorOpen Run dialogue box by pressing Windows Key + R.Type regedit in the Run dialogue box and hit enter. It will open Registry Editor.In the Registry Editor navigate to the following key path:HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsNow we have to create a new key inside the Windows key. So, right-click on Windows, go to New and select key. Name it as Explorer.Now select Explorer key, right-click on it and select New > DWORD (32) bit Value. Name it as “EnableLegacyBalloonNotifications” without quotes.Right-click on EnableLefacyBalloonNotification and select Modify. Enter the Value as 1 and click OK.


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