To talk about inequality in the next essay, it is necessary to start by saying: What is Equality? Equality could be said to be the opportunity to have the same rights and opportunities. Throughout history human rights have been constantly violated, that is, that this value has not been respected, causing great and numerous misfortunes at a universal level, such as conquests, the subjugation of peoples, slavery, etc.
When we hear the word equality, the same things always come to mind. Equality between races, equality of sexes, which are not the only ones, but which perhaps are what most concern people because they are more present in their daily lives.

The existence of social inequality in pre-capitalist formations is recognized and explained as a natural phenomenon. In slave societies, social differentiation is attributed to the nonhuman status of slaves. Aristotle, defends slavery and the institution of private property as a natural, convenient and fair (López and Blanco, 2003). Platon proposes only equality over material possessions but does not object to inequality per se. In feudal society, relations of servitude and personal subjection are legitimate by divine right. The political and economic power is concentrated in the feudal lord and the domination exercised is accepted by the serfs. Natural right at this time justifies inequality and domination insubordination of human groups.

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