To become a professional engineer In Malaysia it depends on the type of degree you are doing. There is accredited and unaccredited engineering degree. For accredited degree you will be able to go directly to registering as a BEM member, as for unaccredited degree you will have to either continue in a recognized coursework masters programme in engineering or attend the exam given by BEM before being able to register as a BEM member. After registration you will have to attend training. You will be required to have at least 3 years of relevant work experience after graduation and also have a training record in the form of a log book to show a better impression and in being professional and organized. The next step will be attending a professional interview by the BEM board members. There also will be another route for a professional engineer from an overseas regulatory body. The applicant will not be required to sit for the professional assessment examination or be corporate member of IEM. The applicant shall submit to BEM a certified latest professional engineer certificate issued by a regulatory body of another country. The professional engineers status shall be checked to see if its equivalent to BEM’s professional engineer qualification eligibility. The applicant shall also comply with the requirements as determined by the board.


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