During 1765, people in all the 13 colonies considered themselves British, but many of them were tired of paying the high prices for goods imported from Great Britain. They also had to pay the taxes to the Britain King, even for printing things,which was Known as the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was one of the things that caused the Boston Massacre.  At that time period that was a lot of money, They weren’t happy about the rapid increase in the taxes and they started to protest against the British. In Boston, Massachusetts,a group of shopkeepers and craftsman organized to fight against the Stamp Act. This group was “called The Loyal Nine, a well-organized Patriot political management.These nine like minded citizens of Boston shrouded in secrecy to protest against the passing of the Stamp Act in 1765. The Loyal Nine evolved into a  larger group, called The  Sons of Liberty. People that were part of the Sons of Liberty are, Samuel Adams, Benedict Arnold, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, Joseph Warren,  Paul Revere, Alexander McDougall, Benjamin Rush, James Otis Jr, and Isaac Sears. They met under the Liberty Tree. The Liberty Tree (1646–1775) was a famous elm tree that stood in Boston.  In 1765, colonists in Boston staged the first act of defiance against the British government at the tree, which was a landmark back then, in Boston. 1768, Massachusetts Governor Francis Bernard asked General Thomas Gage, the commander of the British army in America, to send soldiers to Boston, because he wanted the British troops in the Massachusetts Bay Colony to stop demonstrations against the Townshend Acts and keep order, but instead they provoked outrage. On October 1st, 1768, the 14th  regiment and 29th regiment arrived, and soon after that more than a hundred soldiers came marching through the cobblestone streets of Boston. This maddened the colonists more, however the Sons of Liberty still didn’t do a major action, however they would take a major action very soon.                                            The mob began throwing chunks of ice at White and shouted “Kill him!” Meanwhile, other mobs were forming on Boston’s streets. Those mobs began pelting other Redcoats with chunks of ice. British officers on the scene ordered soldiers back to their barracks, and several had to be subdued by officers to prevent them from firing into the angry crowd. The mob surrounding Hugh White, however, grew until he was surrounded by over 400 angry Bostonians. White’s shouts for reinforcements were answered by British Captain Thomas Preston and several other soldiers who entered the emotional mob. Preston tried to march the British soldiers from the Custom House back to the Main Guard, but his path was blocked by the mob of patriots. Despite his demands for the dispersal of the crowd, the mob responded with more insults and ice chunks. When the British justice of the peace tried to read the Riot Act, which would subject all members of the mob to prosecution once it was read, the mob forced him to retreat by throwing snowballs and ice chunks at him.The mob continued to provoke the soldiers and challenged them to fire. Members of the mob grew more and more violent and began striking the muskets and bayonets of the Redcoats with clubs. Despite his attempts to prevent bloodshed, Captain Preston was losing control of his soldiers who were growing increasingly threatened by the angry mob. Suddenly, someone in the crowd hurled a club which hit British soldier Hugh Montgomery and knocked him to the ground. Montgomery rose and fired into the crowd. The first person who got shot was Crispus Attucks  Hearing the shot, the mob lunged at Preston and his men, wielding their clubs at them. For the next few minutes, the scene became a chaotic battle in which Preston’s men fired into the crowd to avoid being beaten. The soldiers were able to fend off the mob which soon dispersed. When it did disperse, the bodies of several patriots lay dead or wounded on the ground. Preston and his soldiers formed a defensive line with guns drawn to protect themselves from another assault. The day after the massacre, Samuel Adams held a town meeting. They wanted the British soldiers to be sent back to Great Britain. Samuel took all their claims to Thomas Hutchison, the Governor of Boston.When Samuel stated their claims, all the loyalists said that they did that for their self-defense. The colonists didn’t want to hear anything ,they just wanted the troops to leave.They held a trial for all the soldiers who were present in the massacre. There were eight people involved in the massacre, two of them were proven not guilty and the, rest of them were Guilty of firing to the crowd. Thomas preston and the guilty colonists were given a punishment which was branding their thumbs. In all the American colonist made sure the British soldiers are unwanted. What do you think would have happened if the Boston Massacre didn’t? The British soldiers would have stayed and the colonists would have to pay the expensive taxes. Ten to one chances are that the colonists would get independence. The united States of America wouldn’t be formed and we would still be under the control of Britain. The massacre was one of the events that led to the Revolutionary war in America.  The five victims of the boston massacre were the first hero of the fight for independence. The British soldiers involved in the Boston massacre were punished by branding their thumbs. Think about what else could have happened if the boston massacre didn’t happen?  


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