Tim Mishchuk
September 18, 2018
Professor Blunk
English 1A
Essay #1
We live in as some people say the most advanced technological era. America as a country, has advanced so far, we are considered as one of the most technologically advanced country. One company that has grown extremely is Apple. When Steve jobs first released the Macintosh computer on January 24, 1984, it was one of the most popular, most talked about thing in that year. From there it was as we say history. The first laptop called the Macintosh Portable released in 1989, The first Iphone released in 2007. This company grew to be one of the biggest companies we see today. Apple just released its 21st Iphone a couple days ago, and their generic strategy of broad differentiation helps them to stand out. Differentiation in function and design supports the firm’s goal of leading the market through innovative products. Innovation is at the heart of Apple’s business.
Today every teen, adult, and even toddler wants an Iphone or Ipod. They want to be part of the cool kids with Iphones. Apple isn’t just a need. It’s a want for them. They want you to feel cooler than these other companies. Its business. Its strategy. Apple uses flashy ads to capture your attention, with their sleek design, top notch technology and most advance software. With other competing companies like Samsung, LG, and many many more, they have to think outside the box. Think how can we do this differently from the rest. How can we do something they haven’t done. How can we grab this persons attention. Apple makes these iphones look out of this world. The new face id unlock is amazing. Just by looking at your iphone you can unlock it. How cool is that! The new A12 chip being the fastest processor on the planet, and not to mention the best camera quality and display. This is what grabs peoples attention. Apple says it’s the best and people are willing to spend thousands on “the best”.
Before I bought my first Iphone, I was debating on which Iphone to buy. Do I get the cheap bad quality Samsung or do I get the sleek, curvy, shiny, Iphone that everyone wants? Is it worth the couple hundred dollars? Do I really need it? I finally made this very hard choice. I am getting the new iphone that everyone wants. As I walked in the Apple store, I could just feel the lavishness. I felt like a king. I just wanted everyone to see me buy it. When I pulled out the crumbled dollar bills that I’ve been saving for so long, out of my pocket, I almost jumped up from happiness. Its finally happening. Im getting the new iphone. I got a matching case, and even a fancy new charger. Did I need all that? No. Did I want it? Heck yeah! I didn’t realize how much it cost me. I was so excited it didn’t even matter to me. As I franticly removed the clear wrap and slowly pulled the top off, I seen it. There it was, glowing like the sun. I gently picked it up and felt the cold, sleek glass. This was my baby. I have to be gentle I thought to myself. This is what I worked so hard for.
After a couple months I forgot about this new Iphone I was so excited about. To me it was just another phone. As long as I could place a call or send a text. When I walked by the Apple store, something caught my eye. There was newer, better phones out now. The excitement was still there. I wanted to see what was different. What was new. What was better than the one I have now. I came across to the Iphone X. It was just breathe taking. I thought to myself, I know my phone is good, but this one is better and I want it. I have to get it. I looked around and noticed, all these people have the new Iphone X. That did it. I just had to get it. I looked at the price and started having second thoughts. Is it worth the thousand dollars? Do I really need it? Yes! As I walked out the door of that “store for rich people only” I said to myself, “I am going to get that phone. I will work hard everyday and even work extra hours just for this new piece of technology”
Apple uses people like me to buy their products. The excited, young people who are looking to keep up with the latest trends, who want to be like their favorite celebrity. Once you buy one product, they give you this mind set that you need everything else they offer. That new Ipad for games, the macbook pro for school and soon enough you’re considered their “loyal customer”. Apples strategy for making people buy more and more is making them pay extra for certain features. Last year with the release of the Iphone 7, they removed the headphone jack. A huge feature which made lots and lots of money off people. I, for example spent a good amount of money on extra accessories just so I could charge and play music, or have storage on my phone. This might be a smart move for Apple to make money but this move might lose customers. It might cost Apple their “loyal customers”.
Anne Norton’s “The Signs of Shopping”, describes the many ways in which malls, home shopping and catalogues sell products by telling the consumer who they should be. The essence of Norton’s argument is that malls immerse people in advertisements and ideas that are essentially promoting them to desire and conform to certain identities. She talks about how shopping malls are having a huge impact on the women, and not just women, men also. She states that women would rather be out shopping with their friends than spending their time on their husbands, family, or their home. They would rather spend their husbands money just so they can be cool. So they can be like everyone else. They want that new purse or those new shoes. With online shopping becoming more popular, its becoming harder and harder for adults and youth to get out of this shopping hole. This permits people to shop wherever they are, whenever they want, and it all can be done at home. The youth would spend their last dollar just to be like someone or have something that someone famous has. We as a society have fallen due to the fact that we want to have something that is out of our pay zone just so we can be like the rich people. Just so we can be like our favorite celebrity. Before you spend your money on something, ask yourself, “do I need this”, “is this something that will have a positive effect on me”? Norton had a solution for people wanting to get out of this trap. She said to throw away the shopping magazines and unsubscribe from them. Stop surfing the web for clothes and other things. Stop putting yourself in that situation where you’ll want to spend money and more and more each time.
Anne Norton uses the example of Ralph Laurens Polo line. She Writes, “Everyone from the architecture critic at the New York Times to the kids in the halls of Montana High School, knows what Ralph Lauren means. The polo mallet and the saddle, horses and dogs, the broad lawns of Newport, Kennebunkport, old photographs in silver frames, the evocation of age, of Ancestry and Anglophilia, of indolence and the Ivy League, evoke the upper class. Indian blankets and buffalo plaids, cowboys hats and Western saddles, evoke a past of distinct from England but nevertheless determinedly Anglo. The clothing line is seen as an image of upper class. The logos used to represent the line shows the admiration of England and their customs. By seeing these displays outside of stores, it enables shoppers to want to buy the merchandise to be part of the upper class.
To summarize, we as a society shouldn’t look at the brand or lable


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