through the most basic level of information and communication technology used to create the face-to-face teaching, to intensive use, which by the whole module is delivered online with minimal or no face-to-face interaction. The operation behind the continuum was that it was recognize as a way in which institutions could change from traditional face-to-face approaches to an E-leaning concepts in relation which the innovation in education approach by gradually introducing ICT as a medium of the education sector. The authors contend that the continuum could also be viewed in other opinion. As educators collect the materials for a blended learning., a learning module may include the use of presentation software in class, online discussions and face-to-face tutorials that require a lot of number of ICT use. The idea of applying ICT to support traditional methods as opposed to gradual movement to a completely online system is clearly not new. The researcher analyzed whether a hybrid, flexible teaching styles, in collation to traditional face-to-face lectures, improved learning achievement. This result urges a positive improvement in student productivity and grades at the point when a mix of the customary approach and broad utilization of multi-media assets was utilized. The transformation of a face-to face course to an online course using an online learning platform. The questionnaire asked students about their desire to have a live instructor or to take the class online. The overall of students gave a feedback that they are demanding to take the online class


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