Through the courses I have taken as a student in Georgia Gwinnett College, and my experiences on the field, I have developed a personal teaching style and philosophy. My personality is defiantly laid back, and my style of teaching will be quite unique to say the least. To gain my student’s interest, I will become my mission to “promote self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization”. (University of Portland, 2018) I believe my teaching style will help students develop the skills they will need in the future. Nevertheless, I plan on using several disciplines to influence my teaching strategy. The positive classroom discipline focuses on gaining a child’s respect while addressing misbehavior. I believe it is imperative to my teaching style that everyone is respected while still maintaining order. The cooperative discipline uses encouragement techniques to build on the students’ performance. The goal of this disciple is to pinpoint the student’s behavior and help the student identify a goal to improve it.

The goal for my classroom, is to help students achieve a bright future with the power of education. I strongly believe that all students have a right to a safe learning environment. If the students do not feel safe in my classroom, they will keep their guard up, and it will affect their learning. So, it is important that each student is welcomed and accepted. I will use my classroom rules, to communicate firm limits with my students. I believe it is also important to know your students and their families, to acknowledge any cultural norms. I plan on doing this by maintaining communication with the parents and/or guardians. I aim to prepare my students for the future, and I will do this buy motivating my students to learn. I will develop a curriculum that gains their interest, and molds to their ability. I also believe that students should be given the opportunity to investigate on their own, with adult supervision of course. That provides the students to become independent and allows them to develop their social interaction skills.

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