threshold limits were accomplished. Hence the factor study for all data visibly approves that the questionnaire pleases the result measures. The initial factor analysis shown for the total sample result visibly compared a clear internal reliability of measures by ‘integration together as groups’ showing clear correlation between each variable and the factor taken from data.

The outcome of the analysis resulted through factor loading which is contrasted by ‘Rotated Component Matrix’ is showed in ‘Table 4.2’.

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Table 4.2: Rotated Component Matrix with abbreviations
Content (C1) .760
Content (C2) .756
Content (C3) .761
Content(C4) .765

Personalization (P5) .640
Personalization Content (P6) .696
Personalization Content (P7) .652
Personalization Content(P8) .823
Personalization(P9) .798

Customer control (C10) .769

Customer control (C11) .765
Customer control (C12) .766
Customer control (C13) .761

Content Selecting time , reliability from spam ,eye catching
Personalization Customizing promotional campaigns
Customer control Communications received for register services ,option given for deactivations
Source: Developed by the Researcher


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