This Study is mention, name by Jacob Amedie(2015) from Kris Kringle clara university that, In accession to being a spring of inactivity and anxiety, familiar media is also a vulgar source of stress to its users. Another sweep consummate on 7,000 Generatrix found that 42% of originating worn the photo-sharing situation pinterest reported occasionally suffering from pinterest Stress.8 Obviously, festive media causes fall anxiety, but how? How friendly media causes humiliation anxiety, occurs in two ways. Chronic stress reason depression uneasiness. Being constantly agile for unspent companionable media messages, to your instinctive battle or mounting limbic system, is the same as being on continuous nimble for predators, which causes a loose of the stress hormone cortisol. 7 The assistant way conversible media inducement depression disquietude is from the stress produced from constantly trying to project an unrealistic and unachievable perception of perfect within your social plexus. The convival perplexity


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