This project is for the creation of a restaurant ordering application for mobile devices. The method of communication will be in two parts one for the user which will be built using android system and the management system which will be controlled by the restaurant manager that will be built by a web application.

The customer user interface which will be designed to assist users, will contain the functions to create an account to capture customer details, add, edit, delete order, series of function and abilities to perform certain operations that will be discussed in section 3.2 Priorities.

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The second part will be the user interface used by the restaurant manager will contain the ability to perform the CRUD functions for menu items, analysis of sales, management of restaurant staff and overall management of the restaurant.

The two interfaces will then be connected to a back-end server, a detailed overview of the technical architecture will be discussed in section 4.1. In this report a detailed background research, project approach, design, prototyping, testing, issues and risks, and the future plan are elucidated.


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