This project has been viable with the help of many of our stakeholders. From the very first beginning of the coursework when we were choosing event that could be feasible till the final date of the event many things has happened and this had made us more responsible. That is, this event had made us more aware of punctuality in work and also in time of stress this had helped us to manage all these factors which can make a project to rundown. Furthermore the writing of the portfolio has been a quite difficult task where checks were made regularly by our teacher and the work had to be submitted in time making. I have given so much effort in writing up this portfolio. This had been a great experience for my team and for my own to make this project been success. By now reaching this stage had made me more aware of what is happening in the tourism industry, about the market research techniques and therefore the making up of the event and the writing of this portfolio made me more interested in the matter. Last but not least, in terms of organizing this event our goal of revival in eco tourism in Mauritius had been met and hence we had touched a future generation about the importance of our indigenous nature and more.


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