This paper addresses the theory of how professional training is essential in order to become a great national leader. Amit Ray once said “In essence, leadership is the sense of calling to a higher purpose.” There is a conventional wisdom that leadership and training go hand in hand; that every person who is eager to learn and train is more likely to become a good leader someday. Thus, it is indeed true that a leader cannot be a great one without undergoing professional training. The concept of leadership and training and how it is related to each other will be discussed in this paper.
In this paper, it is evident that training can provide the drive to progress one’s career. By training and continually improving one’s knowledge and skills, a person maintains high levels of professional competence. Through professional training, a person can increase their accountability and diversification. This paper proposes the theory that a person who undergoes necessary training is able to perform better at his field of work, and that training expands not only the knowledge of a person, but also his confidence and self esteem that can push him to perform better and to deliver his job more excellently. This paper also proposes a theory that a person must not stop training, that there is always room for more knowledge, and that a person who is still willing to learn even after undergoing so much training already has more potential of becoming a great national leader than those who think that they already know enough. In this study, it is also discussed that a professional’s knowledge and skills must be current and up-to-date in order to serve people well and to perform tasks efficiently. The Researchers were able to show the correlation between professional training and leadership.


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