This meme’s topic is that it is necessary to choose the right friends to play. To the audiences who do not know clearly which position they are in their friendship, they should review these relationships and decide whether they should stay. Nick is an example of being abused by his friend because he admires and desires to be friend and the friend, Gatsby, just uses him as a bridge leading him to his love. In “The Great Gatsby”, Nick admires Gatsby blindly and he even does not know that he is no further than a bridge to Gatsby. In many scenes of the novel, Nick help Gatsby to have the chance to meet Daisy and follow the couple as a henchman, which makes him the biggest third wheel in the entire novel history. Additionally, he biases Gatsby throughout the novel so that he support Gatsby’s love and portray Tom negatively. For audiences who really have good friends, they must be happy that they have never been used and made them look ridiculous in other people’ eyes by their true friends.


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