This has been a debate for several years and may continue to be a problem for years due to everyone’s conflicting ideas about the LGBTQ+ community and marriage ideals. It not only affects the United States, but it also affects the rest of the world in general. However, times are changing with more people coming out and feeling free to express themselves in this time. Marriage is a ceremony where two people take their relationship to the next level by making it official, and “permanent”.
People already have a problem with homosexuality displaying public affection and appearing in the mainstream media. Some argue that it’s wrong due to religious beliefs, others argue that it’s unconstitutional to prevent it. Whether you’re for or against this issue it has become extremely controversial. It has come to a point where people from all over the world have been having Gay civil rights movements just, so they can have this. It has already taken years for society to be able to somewhat except their presence in general, so this next push may be harder.
Opposers believe, marriage should be between two people, one woman and one man and there is no exception to this rule. One the secondary reasons for the opposition, they believe children won’t be able to grow up correctly without a mother and father. Enabling them to marry will threaten marriage and the values of family that are stated. Approving this will attack the first Amendment rights of Americans who oppose homosexuality. Religions such as Christianity denounce this entirely and allowing, “Gay marriage is contrary to the word of God and is incompatible with the beliefs, sacred texts, and traditions of many religious groups” (Procon). They believe it’s not right to allow this now especially because it’s been this way for years. This will allow the acceptance of homosexuals into the heterosexual way of life might make people upset or uncomfortable because it’s “shoved in their faces”. Permitting homosexuals to get married can also lead to affecting the influence of children, as they see this being displayed in the media and may become the norm for future generations.
If the U.S allows people who are homosexual to wed could futher cause the “institution of marriage” to weaken forever changing how it was meant to be. Opposers fear that the authorization of homosexual marriage could also lead to other types of other nontraditional relationships such as: Polygamy, incest, and bestiality will come next. It is also said that marriage is not only about an official relationship but also, “for procreation and should not be extended to same-sex couples because they cannot produce children together” (Procon). With that being said they believed that the marriage that they always had should remain unchanged because it is only supposed to be done a certain way.
However, some believe that everyone should have the same privileges when it comes to the right to marry. Supporters believe that the government should prohibit discrimination that same-sex couples face because, it violates their basic rights. Denying some people, the option to marry is unfair if people don’t have the same opportunity as others do. Homosexual couples should have the option to have the same benefits as heterosexual married couples if they desire. Activists believe that Homosexual marriage should be protected by the US Constitution (ERA) to liberty and have equality for all people regardless of sex.
Some argue that it’s not traditional marriage, however, the practice of “traditional marriage” has changed over time due to people’s mindset changes and the world becoming more open to different ideas. Supporters argue that same-sex relationships may even be more stable than heterosexual marriages. Some people bring up the argument that Gay couples don’t make good parents because children require a mother and father. Actually, this is not true because the same can be said for single parents who have been divorced the child has an absent mother or father in their life and can still turn out fine. Marriage should be recognized as a human right so it should be wrong to discriminate who gets to have these rights.
Marriage is not only for reproduction, it is also to bring two people together because of the love. If not, unfortunately, couples who can’t have children or couples who don’t want them to begin with, would be prevented from marrying. Legalizing homosexual marriage will not harm the institution of marriage, because most people don’t even associate themselves with Christianity, to begin with. People who get married are not always religious so saying it’s a religious reason would also exclude those who don’t have those beliefs as well. They definitely contradict themselves especially when they tried to keep religion out of politics for so long.
As time has passed the definition of marriage is described as being between one man and one woman unified might change in the future. Overall everyone who agrees believe that allowing same-sex marriage will not effect on marriage or divorce. Others who oppose believe that this acceptance can forsake the sanctity of marriage. Whichever side you choose is up to you and your morals. So, what is marriage?


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